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I first met Dr. Pinkhasov about a month ago and made an appointment for a consultation about some dental issues I have been having. My excellent experience began with his staff. From the first telephone call, I felt very well taken care of. His office manager is delightful, smart and extremely well-informed. When I call, she recognizes me by voice and seems to remember everything about my situation. When I went for my appointment, I met Dr. P. (for simplicity, some people refer to him as Dr. Rodion) and was immediately impressed by his demeanor. He listens intently when you explain your situation and puts you at ease. I am DEFINITELY one of those people who has always had dental anxiety.) He makes you feel comfortable from the very beginning. But when he started explaining his diagnosis and treatment plan, I was even more impressed and at ease. He is obviously an expert at the advanced procedures I needed. When someone is a true expert, they can explain complex things in terms a layman can fully grasp. Thats Dr. P. I was pretty much convinced after our first meeting, but did some due diligence research and spoke with some other folks just to confirm, and I called a couple days later to schedule my procedure. It went very well. I had minimal pain, during and after the procedure, and most important, he provided excellent literature to guide me pre- and post-surgery. The quality ion the work by Dr. P and the young lady who assisted me with the second part of my procedure (I believe you'd call her a Dental Assistant, similar to a Physicians Assistant) was really excellent too. She was very much like a craftsman, paying close attention to the slightest aesthetic details that really make a difference in the end result. Im very grateful. My recovery has proceeded very much on schedule and I am just delighted with the quality of the work so far. I could go on at length, but I'll just point out one thing that from the very beginning that tells the while story. Dr. P. gave me what I think is his cell phone number and said to call any time with any questions or issues. I have already sent family members to the office with the highest recommendation I can make. Thanks to everyone in the office. You've really turned around a dentally anxious person. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Mike O. | Apr 23, 2024

As a new patient of Dr. Rodion Pinkhasov, I can't say enough about the welcoming vibe the moment you walk in. It's like stepping into a friend's place, but with all the dental expertise you need. Dr. Pinkhasov and his team are the real deal. They're not just friendly; they're genuinely caring. You can tell they love what they do, and it shows in the quality of care they provide.What sets Dr. Pinkhasov apart is his approach. He doesn't just talk at you; he talks with you. He listens to your concerns, explains things in a way that makes sense, and involves you in your treatment decisions. It's a breath of fresh air compared to other dentists I've seen.And let me tell you, there's no pressure here. Dr. Pinkhasov isn't about pushing unnecessary treatments. He's all about what's best for your oral health, plain and simple. Dr. Pinkhasov values his patients right from the start so if you're looking for a dentist who treats you like family, look no further than Dr. Rodion Pinkhasov's practice. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Slawomir S. | Apr 05, 2024