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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction services offered in Naples, FL

Achieving a healthy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing smile is essential for your overall well-being and confidence. At Naples Dental and Wellness Center in Naples, Florida, experienced dentist Rodion Pinkhasov, DMD, oversees full mouth reconstructions that address a range of dental issues to restore your oral health and revitalize your smile. Make an appointment online or by phone to find out how full mouth reconstruction can help your confidence and health.

What is full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a customized treatment plan designed to address extensive dental problems affecting multiple teeth, gums, and supporting structures. You’re a candidate if you have a variety of dental concerns, such as:

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Bite misalignment
  • Worn teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Missing teeth

You choose full mouth reconstruction when you want noticeable functional and aesthetic improvements to your smile. 

What are the benefits of undergoing a full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction benefits you by:

  • Bettering your oral health
  • Easing any discomfort due to bite misalignments or decay
  • Improving speaking and chewing functions
  • Enhancing your smile’s appearance

A full mouth reconstruction can significantly boost your self-confidence and overall quality of life.

How does the process of full mouth reconstruction work?

A full-mouth reconstruction begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your smile and dental health. Dr. Pinkhasov assesses your oral health, discusses your concerns and goals, and develops a personalized treatment plan. 

Your plan includes several treatments and procedures. Among those that Dr. Pinkhasov may recommend include: 

  • Crowns and bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Gum treatments
  • Veneers
  • Invisalign® clear aligners

You’ll need to plan for a series of appointments and budget accordingly. Dr. Pinkhasov provides you with a clear understanding of the timeline, procedures, and potential outcomes.

How long does a full mouth reconstruction typically take to complete?

How long it takes to complete a full mouth reconstruction depends on the complexity of your case and the specific procedures involved. While Dr. Pinkhasov may complete some cases in a few months, others may take a year or more. His goal is to get you optimal results while ensuring your comfort and well-being throughout the process.

How do I care for my teeth after a full mouth reconstruction?

After your full mouth reconstruction is complete, prioritize maintaining excellent oral hygiene. 

Regular dental checkups, professional cleanings, and following Dr. Pinkhasov’s recommendations for at-home care help ensure the longevity of your restored smile. He provides you with tailored guidance to help you preserve your results for years to come.

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